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practice retirement sale near Venice Italy

office building
front desk
Great waiting list practice, great location, great opportunity. My wife has accompanied me for over 30 years in the organisation, administration and management of the practice. We are offering an (optional) assisted-transition of the sale of the practice, ie, we are available to provide a teaching or coaching introduction as part of the sales process to guarantee an easy and efficient sale-transition, with the interested buyer and their team. Only serious prospective buyers need inquire. Email contact for FULL DETAILS of the practice.

...Fruili Venezia Giulia - Bordering Austria, Slovenia. From the Dolomites to the Alps, the mountains of this region are a perfect place for those who love winter sports from skiing and snowboarding to climbing, ice skating and trekking. A 30 min drive to the Adriatic sea and beaches; World class wine and dine culture. Great for raising a family in a combined rural-urban living, safe environment

E-mail :
Country : Italy
URL : life balance system
Date : Monday June 7, 2021

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