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Equipment and Supplies E-mail this Ad to a Friend

Full clinic assets for sale: digital Xray, tractio

Chiropractic Equipment - Jacksonville
Lots of Chiropractic Equipment
Doctor retiring and needs to clear out clinic by the end of the month. We will entertain any reasonable, respectful offer for equipment.

Equipment consists of:
DR digital Xray unit (Naomi)
Insight Millenium
BiLateral Weight scales
SAMS unit
Footlevelors Scanner
Anatomical Models
DEED Standing traction units - Scoliosis correction
Computers and monitors, scan snap
2' x 20' CHIROPRACTOR outdoor green lit sign
Refrigerator and microwave
Atlas Chiropractic Software
Traction equipment and supplies
Professionally framed Chiropractic Posters
Tbar and other nice furniture: chairs, tables, exam stools, etc.

please email me, Dr. David Otto:

E-mail : Click Here
State : Florida
Country : USA
Date : Thursday December 6, 2018

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