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EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: LZR7 lasers 500mW-1,811,500mW attended and unattended, Bemer Pro, Magna Wave PEMF, PEMF Solutions PEMF, LEDâs 8W-50W, Erchonia lasers $500 & up, Aspen Lasers, Body Lights infrared & red, K laser, LightForce Laser, Zerona Laser, Multi Radiance lasers, Terra Quant Pro Laser, Lipo Light, Vevazz, Avicenna/Diowave lasers, Cutting Edge MLS lasers, Avatar EAV, Spectra Vision $500, ASA Balance, Qi5, Apollo Lasers, LZR7 ZX2 laser with 18.1W probe+ 1.5W Acu-Tip probe, LZR Ultra Bright 12.5W LEDâs. I also buy used lasers. Call Dr. Randy 530-642-9680

State : California
Country : USA
Date : Wednesday September 16, 2020


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