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Note: Ads placed in addition to your initial ad will be discounted. Total character count includes all spaces and punctuations.

Print Ad in 'Dynamic Chiropractic'

(Base ad price includes 250 Characters)

Ad Type Category Base Ad Price
PrintAssociates Wanted$112.00
PrintStudents Seeking Associate Positions$112.00
PrintBooks Videos and Music$112.00
PrintBusiness Opportunities$112.00
PrintEmployment Opportunities$112.00
PrintEquipment and Supplies$112.00
PrintMassage Therapist Seeking Employment$112.00
PrintOffice Space Available$112.00
PrintPractice Management$112.00
PrintPractices for Sale$112.00
PrintPractices Wanted$112.00

Web Ad in 'Chiroweb eClassifieds'

(Base ad price includes 1000 Characters)

Ad Type Category Base Ad Price
WebAssociates Wanted$80.00
WebStudents Seeking Associate Positions$19.00
WebBooks Videos and Music$80.00
WebBusiness Opportunities$80.00
WebEmployment Opportunities$80.00
WebEquipment and Supplies$80.00
WebMassage Therapist Seeking Employment$19.00
WebOffice Space Available$80.00
WebPractice Management$80.00
WebPractices for Sale$80.00
WebPractices Wanted$0.00

Ad prices listed above may differ from the actual price charged due to additional character charges, additional issue charges or other system discounts & promotions.

Additional 250 Character Charge: $60.00

3 Additional Issues Charge: $180.00

Additional 250 Character Charge Upgrade: $50.00

Photo Scanning Charge: $25.00 (One Photo) - $50.00 (Two Photos)

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